About Us

Who are we?

As our name states, we are a team of friends united as a family with a high level of expertise in our field.
Founded in 2009, in a strategic and easily accessible location in Miami, with the one and only goal of providing our patients with excellent rehabilitation services and support. We specifically focus on helping patients after having gone through the physical and emotional traumas involved in any accident. Legal advice is also an option, only if our customers request it.

At our center, we will make sure that every detail no matter how small will count, and it will be treated with great responsibility and professionalism, making sure that you will never be alone during this process. With more than ten years of experience and over a thousand patients treated in our facility, rest assured the guidance, assistance and support you seek, is here. We value you as our customer and you will simply become Friends and Family.

We have the privilege in our center of counting on professionals with extensive experience in the field of medicine and physical rehabilitation therapy. Alfredo Melgar MD has more than thirty years of experience and Lisset de La Torre ARNP has over ten years in the field. They will diagnose and treat any injury that may afflict you, whether this be orthopedic, neurological, physiotherapeutic or any other.

At Friends and Family Medical Centers after diagnosis, there will be an infinite number of services, that our highly qualified staff using countless of high-tech medical equipment, will provide you with the appropriate treatment, among them:

  • Manual therapy
  • Mechanical therapy
  • Hydraulic therapy (whirlpool)
  • Manual exercise
  • Mechanical exercises
  • Top of the line laser Ultrasound with controlled frequency levels Attended/Unattended high and low frequency
  • Electro-stimulator Water beds
  • Stretching beds
  • Therapeutic bicycles
  • Neuromuscular vibrator (Power vibe)
  • X Ray
  • MRI
  • CT Scan among others