Personal Injury Physical Therapy


    A Personal injury can be traumatic and cause pain that is physical and emotional. The ability to pay for the services needed can be confusing and worrisome. Friends and Family Medical Center in Miami goes above and beyond to help people get through their Personal Injury.

    Do I qualify for the program?

    If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, a general property injury, a work related injury as well as those denied by workers compensation, in the majority of cases you will need to work with a personal injury lawyer.

    What are the Payment options

    One can bill the responsible parties insurance company which can be Workers Compensation, Auto, General liability, etc…

    Secure a Medical lien from the patient and submit to the personal injury lawyer who is representing the patient.

    We work with our patients

    Friends and Family Medical Center in Miami will work with the patient to confirm accurate payment of their medical claims. The patient does assume certain responsibility for completing information requests from the insurance company as well as lawyer requests. The patient must notify Friends and Family Medical Center of any changes in either the attorney or the insurance.

    Expert Physical Therapy Care:

    When you work with the Friends and Family Medical Center Physical Therapists, you will receive incredible care from our Physical Therapists. Friends and Family Medical Center Therapists are top rated therapists who not only use their hands, but also exercise programs to provide pain relief, and help injured people return to their daily activity levels.

    Don’t Worry!

    You can relax. Friends and Family Medical Center will work with you closely to alleviate your worries about how much your Physical Therapy will cost. We coordinate everything with you, your insurance company and your personal injury lawyer.

    In the majority of cases you will not pay little to nothing out of pocket!


    Everything we do to help you is kept confidential and Friends and Family Medical Center Therapy respects your right to privacy and is compliant with HIPPA standards.


    Friends and Family Medical Center does reserve the right to deny a case for any reason that we see fit.

    How do I get started?

    Call our Physical Therapy clinic to get started. Call 305-23-CRASH to schedule your appointment. You will need to give us the following:

    Name of your Physician,

    Your contact information,

    Personal Injury Attorney (If you have one).

    Address: 1150 NW 72nd Avenue, Suite #450 Miami, FL 33126

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