Motorcycle Accident Physical Therapy


    Why motorcycle accident injuries so serious?

    A motorcycle accident is usually more serious than car or truck accidents. Studies show that nearly one out of every five motorcycle accident victims have a head or a neck injury during the accident.

    The risk of fatality is much higher when an accident involves a motorcyclist. The main reason why these accidents are so devastating is that your body impacts the ground resulting in head injuries, damage to muscles, arm and leg injuries, injury to the spine, and broken bones. Most motorcycle accidents are usually not the fault of the motorcyclist.

    Physical Therapy after a Motorcycle Accident Injury

    At Friends and Family Medical Centers, our staff is very experienced in treating victims who have suffered injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident. Our physical therapists live and breathe rehabilitation, and our goal is to help you to recover from your injuries as soon as possible.

    At Friends and Family Medical Centers, we invest in the best physical therapy equipment. Our staff is compassionate and caring. We provide a personalized assessment to enable us to customize a physical therapy treatment program to address your needs for a full recovery.

    If you have suffered injuries from a motorcycle accident, contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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