Slip and Fall Physical Therapy


    Slip and Falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the US, accounting for over 9 million visits to a hospital’s emergency room or urgent care facility.

    Slip and fall accidents are among the most common type of accidents that happens in the workplace. Injuries from a slip and fall are not only the main reason of workers’ compensation claims, but are also the leading cause of occupational injuries for workers over the age of 55.

    Treatment for Slip & Fall

    Usually injuries received in these type of accidents won’t present until a couple days later. Employees should report their injuries as being work-related when seeking treatment. Failing to report the injury and seek medical attention immediately can have a negative affect on your chances of recovering workers’ compensation or financial benefits.

    What are the causes of a work-related Slip and Fall Accident.

    • Damaged carpet or floors
    • Walkways, flooring, or sidewalks that are not maintained properly
    • Cluttered or obstructed walkways in a work environment
    • Insufficient lighting in a work area
    • Spills on floor surfaces

    Recovering from a work-related accident

    It is critical to seek immediate medical care after a slip and fall. As with any other workplace injury, you may qualify for workers’ compensation after a slip and fall accident regardless of whether or not there was employer negligence resulting in the incident. You may also qualify for Social Security disability benefits depending on the circumstances of your injury. In certain cases you may qualify for additional compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

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